Qualities of Top Asian Wedding Venues

Asian weddings are known for being big, colorful celebrations. They are usually held in vast spaces with different impressive traditions. Here are the things you need to consider when looking for the best Asian wedding venues:

- Available Space

Asian weddings are usually attended by a big number of guests. You need to look for a venue that will have sufficient space to accommodate the wedding guests such as big ballrooms.

- Location

The wedding venue should be easily accessible to the guests, especially if you have them flying in from another country or state. The best venues are those close to the cities or the airport. If the Asian wedding venues are situated in a remote place, it is best to arrange for transfers.

- Facilities and Parking

Since the list of wedding guests can be extensive, you need to check if the venue’s facilities are enough to meet the needs of guests of all ages. This may include amenities and services for children, persons with disabilities and the elderly. The parking area should be sufficient, as well.

- Food

Food is a big part of weddings so you need to know if the venue has a good catering service or if the couple who is going to get married will bring their own chefs. Usually, Asian wedding venues offer authentic cuisines depending on the wedding theme.

- Ceremonial requirements and decorations

Since Asian weddings have traditional requirements that can be quite extravagant, the venue should allow the couple to bring in ceremonial items as well as decorate the place according to their themes: ornaments, flowers, banners, and the likes. Most venues are pretty flexible with these arrangements but some, such as historic venues, may have restrictions when it comes to decorations.